Zion National Park, Utah, USA

Watchman of the Canyon

This was my second time at The Narrows in Zion. A 15 mile long, life changing experience that I will never forget. Being here for the second time gave me an opportunity to explore the surroundings more, not worrying too much about the hiking terrains and cold water.

Facing almost the end of the canyon, where most of the tourists come for the shorter hikes, I looked back to capture this place in its full magnificence in my memory and spotted this face looking wall of the canyon which was right in front of me.

With a little bit of hustling, I setup my camera. The light was slowly going away from the western wall of the canyon. I was waiting for a group of backpackers slowly passing by in front of my camera, until they completely disappeared. Standing in the freezing water, my feet were slowly sinking into the sand and it was really hard to compose while the high stream of cold water was rushing against my tripod.

Finally, I managed the right composition. I waited a few more moments for better light and made this shot.