Ward Lake Area, Alaska, Ketchikan, USA


Ward Lake View

This picture comes from the Ketchikan area in Alaska. Close to this view is Signal Creek campground, where I spent one night in a tent. It was really quiet, calm, and quite chilly. I went to the lake shore, set my camera and began to wait. It was quite uncomfortable to stand there. Firstly, I started to freeze; secondly, I was afraid that a bear may come to drink some water from this river - an occurrence that I was told by guides was very common. To protect myself, I went back and forth between the camp and the river.

I wasn't quite sure whether it's going to be a spectacular sunset, but patience is your best friend in such cases. Finally, after 2 hours, I saw what I had been waiting for.

Canon 5D Mark III, 15 sec., ƒ22.0, 24mm, 100, Digital