Wrangell & St. Elias Wilderness, Alaska, USA


The Touch of Light

We were slowly making our way to the remote old miners' town at the end of McCarthy road in the Wrangell & St. Elias wilderness in Alaska. Since this is the only existing road that leads to this remote area, I was doing my best to find places that have the photographic potential for the next few days that we were going to spend here.

I found this lake among many others in this area to be the most photogenic with bright green grass on the foreground and beautiful reflecting Wrangell mountains on the background. The very first night here also happened to be the best in terms of light and overall weather conditions which contributed to this photograph. Nice thick cloud cover provided the blue tones I was looking for which especially play very well with the greens of grass and the orange tones of the setting sun.

While I was setting up for this shot, the clouds on the west slightly broke letting the dash of light into the scene. A few moments before I tripped the shutter, the low lying cloud ran through the bottom of the mountains completing the overall composition.

Nature was playing its own sonata and all I could wish and hope for was to be present at that moment and witness its creation.

Technical Details

  • Camera: Arca Swiss RL3d Large Format

  • Lens: Rodenstock 70mm

  • Aperture: 16.8

  • Exposure: 1/4 Second

  • Digital: Phase One IQ180 (ISO35)

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