Zion National Park, Utah, USA


The Narrows Towers

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One of the most magnificent canyons in Utah is almost a 16 miles long – The Narrows. This spot is located about 3 miles in from the main canyon entrance if you hike it bottom-up. Or about 11 miles in if you are going up to bottom. Going through this canyon up to bottom is definitely more adventures and requires a one night stay at the campground which is located inside the canyon. I did this hike several times from both directions and every time I find something new.

This photograph was made early in the morning, when the first light hits the tall canyon walls and makes them glow. This moment lasts only for about 20 minutes.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that regardless of the chosen direction you get to hike in a cold water for two days? What can be more exciting than that? :)

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