Zabriskie Quartzite

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Master.psb - Copy - raSharpener Output - 1638x2048.jpg

Zabriskie Quartzite

from 299.00

Death Valley National Park, California, 2018

Archival Pigment Print / Edition of 50

  • Paper Canson Platine Fibre Rag (310 gsm)

  • Hand signed and numbered

  • Certificate of authenticity

Image source – Arca Swiss RL3d Large Format, Rodenstock 40mm, Phase One IQ180 (ISO35), 1/30 Second @ f16.1


These quartzite formations took place during the Cambrian geological period which lasted for about 55 million years and began about 500 million years ago. It's worth noting that during that period the average Moon distance from Earth was approximately 40 thousand miles shorter, which must have resulted in a much bigger lunar disc than seen in this photo.

This photograph is part of my ongoing Terra Formation project, in which I explore the history of our planet through evidenced transformations which Earth has undergone over millions of years of evolution.