Navajo Indian Tribal Reservation, Monument Valley, Arizona, USA


Rising Moon Over the Monument Valley

The guy at the pass station asked me why am I making it so late into the park as I’m not going to stay overnight anywhere nearby and paying 20$ entry fee when it’s almost the end of the day. I said I arrived to the sunset to enjoy the rising moon over the valley as it was predicted in the moon calendar. But he argued, he said - “Well, you don’t have to drive all the way down into the valley to watch the sunset, just stay at the parking lot”.

“Ha! Do I look like a guy who shoots from the parking lot?”, I thought to myself. I proceeded and drove all the way down into the valley when the sun just crossed the horizon. It took 30 minutes to get here and it was about 15 minutes after the sunset when I reached this point. That was one of those moments when you say - “Wow!”.