Mono Lake Recreation Area, California, USA

rising moon over mono lake

from $400 (limited edition museum signed prints)

I arrived at this place to make this very photograph. Six hours of driving what can be easier, ha! I was postponing my departure more and more until
I finally jumped into my car and hit the road when it was almost too late. I arrived just in time, unpacked my camera, set it on the tripod and
headed to the trail that leads here. What was my disappointment when I realized on my half way to the point that I forgot batteries for my camera in
the car. I rushed back. If you ever saw athletes running the marathon, well, that was me, plus carrying heavy tripod and camera on my shoulder and
fully packed backpack. The sun was just about to hide behind the horizon when I reached my car. I quickly grabbed the forgotten batteries and rushed
back. I missed the sunset I was driving about 6 hours for... At least I thought so.

About 15 minutes later, when the sun entirely set, the mother nature gratefully paid me back for all my struggles that day. The rising moon, the colors
and reflection, all made this picture perfect.


  • EPSON International Pano Awards • Bronze, 2014