Glacier National Park, Montana, USA


Old Cedar

Glacier National Park is located in the northern part of Montana and is considered the most beautiful part of the Rocky Mountains range that extends from Canada’s rockies down to the Colorado plateau. And yet, while there’s so much opportunity to photograph majestic mountains, waterfalls and the plethora of wild flowers, I chose to focus on something different this time.

On one of the late summer mornings, I came across the old cedar grove along one of the popular trails in the park. So many people pass by this grove every day, but no one stops to appreciate and enjoy its simple beauty, the beauty within.

I decided to spend some time studying the light in this place and how it changes during the day. Early in the morning before sunrise, the blue light reflects from the sky and casts a cyan tint on the dark grey bark which tends to absorb the color, hence the color in this photograph. This interesting effect lasts only for a few minutes before sunrise on a day with clear sky and only when the sun is in the right place during the summer.

A year later I decided to come back to this grove and make a photograph that I had envisioned, knowing all the details and elements beforehand. I photographed just a small part of the tree trunk that exhibited visual interest in details, pattern and color.

Technical Details

  • Camera: Arca Swiss RL3d Large Format

  • Lens: Rodenstock 180mm

  • Aperture: 8

  • Exposure: 1 Second

  • Digital: Phase One IQ180 (ISO35)


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