Death Valley National Park, California, USA


Natural Pastel

from $350 (limited edition museum signed prints)
Handcrafted C-Type chromogenic print
Edition of 15

Being in a desert alone is one of the experiences which I find both mindful and spiritual. This is my own meditation practice. Being surrounded by vastness filled with sand from horizon to horizon, by absolute absence of sounds such that it becomes almost uncomfortable. This image resembles my current state of the mind. Peaceful, happy, relaxed, artistic and enthusiastic. I truly enjoy the simplicity and beauty of forms that nature creates, it simply cannot be more perfect than it already is.

I made this photograph way past the sunset. The absence of direct light reduced contrast and smoothed shades on both sides of the dunes. The purple tint of the sky, which usually can be observed about half an hour after the sunset, reflected on the white sand producing this nice pastel tone on the dunes.

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Technical Details

Camera: Arca Swiss RL3d Large Format
Lens:  Rodenstock 180mm
Aperture: 11
Exposure: 1/2 Second
Digital: Phase One IQ180 (ISO35)