Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington, USA


from $400 (limited edition museum signed prints)

I was driving to Reflection Lakes in anticipation of a perfect sunset, when suddenly, clouds densely covered the sky. The entire scene has changed dramatically and wasn't very promising. I parked at a small pullout and l walked out to look around. Patches of beautiful wildflowers surrounded me on the side of the road, however it was pretty hard to get a good composition. I almost turned back to my car when I noticed a barely visible small and unmarked trail that went uphill and into bushes. I decided to go and explore what's out there. What a surprise it was when after scrambling through rough bushes I came across this beautiful valley full of lupines.

I rushed back to my car to get my gear and back before it started getting too dark. Perfect light conditions and a complete absence of wind made this shot possible.