Bandon, Oregon


Last Light Before The Storm

We have been driving along the 101 highway, which took us through the beautiful forests of the Pacific Northwest, when we decided to make a stop in Bandon town to relax and enjoy the ocean views in the last light of the day.

My large format camera was packed away and stored in  the trunk as I wasn't planning to photograph anymore that day. How foolish it was... The moment we began to approach the viewpoint, the clouds were already building up and the light was changing very fast from being completely dull and uninteresting to absolutely ballistic. I knew that I have only a couple of minutes to get my camera out, set it up, choose the composition and focus, before the light would be completely obstructed by the heavy clouds and ultimately gone.

It’s only because I have been to this place many times before that I knew exactly where to position my camera to get these rocks on the foreground of my composition as well as what lens to use. I didn't spend much time thinking about it and was working very fast to get everything set up in time. The wind was getting stronger, so I had to use a faster shutter speed to make sure everything was evenly sharp.

The wind also brought in the mist from the ocean and the beam of light that slipped through the small opening in the clouds created this magical lighting effect, reflecting in the low laying mist.

The moment I was about to trip the shutter, a seagull conveniently descended and landed in the bottom left corner of my composition. What luck!

Limited Edition Prints


Hand signed and printed on classic Baryta paper
Edition of 15

Single size: 12x20 inches

Photograph is shipped rolled. The print includes additional white borders to help with framing. This allows you to have it framed to your liking at your local frame shop.

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