Columbia River Gorge Area, Oregon, USA


Glowing Waterfall

This photograph didn’t come in an easy way. I mean literally. The day I hiked to this place was cloudy, but the light was still pretty good for photography. When I finally reached this point I had to climb a little bit to get closer to the waterfall. When I was on top and setting my camera the clouds came in and it started raining. I thought not a big deal, I covered all my gear, myself and decided to wait until it clears out again.

In 2 hours it wasn’t, I was just sitting there, listening to “War and Peace” on my phone, and waiting. In 5 hours it was still raining. After 6 hours sitting on the spot I decided to climb down as the rain still didn’t stop. When I almost reached the bottom ground the rain suddenly stopped, the sky cleared out and the waterfall was literally glowing. I never saw anything like that. I rushed back on top of the cliff, almost felt on the way, set my camera quickly and finally made this photograph I was waiting for for almost 7 hours.

Canon 5D Mark III, 4 sec., ƒ16.0, 24mm, 100, Digital