Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Glacier Sublime

from $400 (limited edition museum signed prints)

It was the second day of the workshop with master photographer Rodney Lough Jr. We were driving along the ridge looking for the perfect sunrise spot. We almost lost hope for perfect light, as the sky was completely covered in clouds. We started joking, that we will probably be photographing wildflowers for the next couple of days if the weather is not going to change.

A few minutes later, Rodney suddenly slammed on breaks of his van, turned around and pulled over at the nearest convenience. He was in a rush. The only thing he said was – This is it, this is it! Let's get out there quickly.

We grabbed all our equipment from the van as quickly as we could and rushed down the hill, where we set up our cameras. No one said a word. Everyone was in an "Aww" of the moment.

This was a truly special moment, that lasted only a few minutes before it was completely gone!

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