Yosemite National Park, California, USA


Cascade Forest

The harmony and calmness of this view made me stop and enjoy it for a few minutes before I realized that it can be a pretty nice composition under certain light and conditions. After pondering for a few more minutes on the possible composition I climbed on a couple of nearby rocks to be able to look at the scene from different angles. Given the structure of the rocks, the angle of the flowing water and trees it was quite challenging to get all these elements to line up properly such that they don’t overlap or obstruct other elements of the composition. Getting too high would have ruined the verticals of the trees as the camera would have looked downwards while setting too low would have cut the portion of the water on the left by the obstructing rocks. I ended up setting somewhere in between by positioning my tripod on the ground level and extending it very high while positioning myself on the rock behind the tripod.

My main subject in this composition was the lush green forest, while the flowing water added an additional element to the composition, filling the scene with more sense of presence.

Located just under the bridge, far from the most iconic places in Yosemite, this place is hidden from the public eye. And yet it is full of subtle beauty and elegance in every element that nature has created. I enjoy finding and spending time in places like this, far from distraction and bustle. Once in a while, I will use my camera to capture that moment.

Technical Details

  • Camera: Arca Swiss RL3d Large Format

  • Lens: Rodenstock 40mm

  • Aperture: 16.8

  • Exposure: 1/4 Second

  • Digital: Phase One IQ180 (ISO35)

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