Artist Statement

In my work, I am driven not just by the urge to create beautiful imagery, but also by a desire to explore new places as if they were unknown territory, decode what nature designed, conceptualize it in a two-dimensional space as a photograph and uncover the story behind it. Our physical interaction with a place defines how we feel about that place and I try to capture that emotion and perspective in nature.


I’m a large format photographer from San Francisco, California with Ukrainian roots, exploring the world through the lens of my large format camera (real Ukrainian name – Andrii Iasynetskyi).

It has been my passion for most of my life since I witnessed the process of working on an image in my grand father’s darkroom for the first time when I was a little boy. It eventually took me from the mountains of Crimea, where I obtained most of my solo backpacking and mountaineering skills, to the Rocky Mountains of American West and from the slot canyons and deserts of Utah to the High Sierras of California.

I obtained my Masters of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering degree in Kyiv, Ukraine and after a few years moved to Silicon Valley to pursue my engineering career at Google. The combination of arts and science taught me non standard thinking and how to apply it to solve complex problems. This led me to take on new roles in Uber, where I’m working on developing self-driving technology.

Publications & Exhibitions

  • Current Exhibition: “Remember The Wilderness“, September 5th – 29th 2019. International Art Museum of America, San Francisco

  • Landscape Photography Magazine, Intimate Landscapes Winner, March 2019

  • Landscape Photography Magazine, Featured Artist, 2019


  • London Fine Art Photography Awards (Honorable Mention): 2018

  • International Photography Awards (Honorable Mention): 2017

  • EPSON International Pano Awards (4 Bronze Awards): 2017

  • EPSON International Pano Awards (Silver): 2016

  • EPSON International Pano Awards (3 Bronze Awards): 2016

  • International Photography Awards (3 Honorable Mentions): 2015

  • I SHOT IT (Mark of Excellence): 2015

  • EPSON International Pano Awards (Bronze): 2014

Corporate Collections

  • Uber (Desert & Sky, 88 inches C-Type Chromogenic print): 2016

  • Google/Alphabet (series of 10 photographs): 2014