The Gunnison National Forest, Colorado, USA


Aspens Light

from $350 (limited edition museum signed prints)

Often, I try to envision the kind of photos I want to take during my photography trips. It should not be too many, usually one or two great images will define a successful trip. But sometimes, what you imagine is not what nature will present. I've learned over the years, that regardless of what I envision I should always stay open minded to whatever opportunities that are presented to me by Mother Nature. The moment that unfolded in front of me this time was a gift which I could not refuse. Lasted just a few magical minutes, given once to those who can truly appreciate and gone forever to be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Technical details
Camera: Arca Swiss RL3d Large Format
Lens:  Rodenstock 180mm
Aperture: 22
Exposure: 1/15 Second
Digital: Phase One IQ180 (ISO35)