Dixie National Forest, Utah, USA


Aspen Grace

In the light rain, after a very exhausting full day hike in Dixie National Forest in Utah in early October, I was slowly driving cross country enjoying my favorite music and the views that surrounded me. I felt accomplished for the day, having some great images after a full day of photography in one of the most beautiful forests I’ve ever been to. But as it often happens, the best shot comes when you don’t expect it.

I came around a corner and was astounded by the appearance of these trees in a warm pre sunset light. I set-up the camera and photographed these trees from different viewpoints. But this exact viewpoint proved to provide a more worthwhile image. These trees look like they are preparing for a date putting the best makeup and dressing up with all their grace and elegance of the process.

The juxtaposition of the yellows and dark greens intensifies the brilliance of the colors and helps provide a sense of depth and the solid, white framework of the trunks provides a sense of movement of energy within the image.