Akaka Falls State Park, Hawaii, Big Island, USA


Akaka Falls

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On my last day on Big Island, I decided to visit Akaka Falls which was on my list for quite a while. It was a sunny day with clear blue skies and warm nice weather. But hey, this is tropical Hawaii and the weather changes very quickly. It can start raining at any time and by raining I mean RAINING! By the time I got to the state park, the weather was still nice; however, some heavy rain clouds were emerging from different directions. I decided to quickly go on trail and explore the area. In twenty minutes, I was literally taking a fulfilling shower staying at this very spot. There wasn’t a single spot on my body that wasn’t wet at this point.

Regardless of the conditions, I was truly enjoying the moment like a happy kid playing in the rain. I could barely see what was going on in front of me as the entire view was covered in impenetrable fog and I could only hear the sound of falling water. As it stopped raining for a minute, the fog started clearing out providing this unspeakable view. I managed to setup my camera and make a few exposures which took couple of seconds before it started raining again.