John Muir Wilderness, California, USA

John Muir Wilderness, California, USA

Photographer and Engineer

I got my first computer at the age of 7 and started writing my first computer programs. That event led me to discover my passion for computer science and I decided to dedicate my career to technology. However, even from a very young age, I have been inspired by art and photography and it significantly influenced my work in tech. My grandfather was a big photo enthusiast. When I was about six years old, he took me to his lab and showed me the process of exposing photographic paper in a darkroom. Seeing how an image slowly appeared on a piece of paper - to me it was magic. It looked like a mystery and was the defining moment for me in pursuing photography.

I picked up my first film camera when I was a teen and began taking photos of my friends and the streets of my hometown Kiev in Ukraine. And then another ten years had passed before I moved to the United States and discovered the real natural beauty of the American landscape. On my first trip to the American Southwest with friends, I was moved by the surrounding beauty so much that I realized I must come back to capture it, with the hope of sharing and enriching others with my photographs.

Since then, I decided to make photography an active part of my life.

I have been traveling since 2010, scouting remote locations in the wilderness and learning professional photography. Earning several international awards from National Geographic, International Photography Awards (IPA) and EPSON International Pano Awards was a big milestone for me in my photographic journey.

Most of my work is now done using large format camera which requires even more dedication to the process.

Perfect Process

At the intersection of technology and art, I developed my own creative process which allows me to reproduce the highest quality of detail and color in my final work. My ultimate goal is to recreate the
captured moment as I saw it in nature’s presence preserving even the finest details. My photographs are 100% authentic and not digitally enhanced. All my prints are archival and in limited editions. In post processing, only the most basic tools are used such as local contrast, color balance, dodging, burning and sharpness.